Last Update: Sun May 16 22:01:52 +0200 2010

id3lib-ruby changes

0.6.0 (2010-05-16)

  • Added convenience method user_frame_text to Tag for finding a TXXX frame given a description (e.g. "MusicBrainz Album Id") (RubyForge feature request 24381)
  • Fixed compilation problem on Ruby 1.9 (GitHub issue 1)
  • Don‘t check for ID3Tag_New in extconf.rb (RubyForge bug 27589)
  • Updated to SWIG 1.3.40
  • Use rake-compiler for cross-compiling the extension

0.5.0 (2006-12-16)

  • Warn when encountering nil field instead of raising exception (bug 6446).
  • Corrected allowed fields - they are now generated from id3lib‘s source.
  • Renamed :id field to :identifier because of confusion with frame ID.
  • Added INSTALL document for installation instructions.
  • Fixed memory leak in extension, where iterator was never released. According to tests, there is no memory leak anymore.
  • Added two patches for id3lib in mswin32 gem:
    • unicode16: fixes Unicode writing bug
    • convert_i-leak: fixes memory leak in Unicode conversion function
  • Updated to SWIG 1.3.31.

0.4.1 (r53)

  • Added :description to the allowed fields of :TXXX frames (patch 5484).
  • Added more tests and a warning in README for writing of UTF-16 frames.

0.4.0 (r41)

  • Fixed Unicode problems (bug 4768).
  • Renamed ID3Lib::API methods to be more like the id3lib method names. E.g. the GetType() method is now named get_type instead of type.

0.3.1 (r32)

  • Added check and messages for -lstdc++ and -lz to extconf.rb.
  • Updated to SWIG 1.3.29.

0.3.0 (r29)

  • Added generation of mswin32 binary gem. This means that installing on Windows is a piece of cake. No dependencies, no compiling, just a gem installation.
  • Changed Info.frame to use hash access instead of find -> faster.

0.2.1 (r23)

  • Fixed extconf.rb to print a message and abort if id3lib can‘t be found.

0.2.0 (r21)

  • Overhauled direct access methods
    • Remove frames by setting them to nil, e.g. tag.title = nil
    • Removed methods for rarely used frames.
    • All methods use strings now, no special cases like track anymore.
    • Explicit call of to_s in set_frame_text.
  • More unit tests
  • Added method invalid_frames which is useful to detect invalid frame data before calling update!.

0.1.0 (r19)

  • First release :)